Buffalo Worker dielectric




Sports design in leather, toe cap in composite (mixture of plastic products, mostly polycarbonate) that creates thermal insulation, lightness in crushing and comfortability. Sole with decorative patterns, anti-slippery and antipiercing; resistant to oils. The boot has high quality inner lining. Great for activities with blows and compression risks in the toe cap, such as oil, hydrocarbons, mining works and tasks, as well as electric maintenance or shocks, among others.

CE EN ISO 20345:2004

Color: Brown
Size: 36 adult Code: NS8100710
Size: 37 adult Code: NS8100711
Size: 38 adult Code: NS8100712
Size: 39 adult Code: NS8100713
Size: 40 adult Code: NS8100714
Size: 41 adult Code: NS8100715
Size: 42 adult Code: NS8100716
Size: 43 adult Code: NS8100717
Size: 44 adult Code: NS8100718

Packaging unit: 1 pair
Presentation: box per pair

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