Helmet dielectric, no vent

Visual Protection




Thermoplastic helmet manufactured in high density polyethylene, light, designed to protect against impacts from free fall objects, physical objects blows, chemical spatter, fire, luminous sun radiation, as well as protection from electrical risks reducing the hazardous exposition to high voltage conductors. Type I, class E and G helmet. In compliance with high impact ANSI standards and requirements.

ANSI Z89.1-2003 / CE EN 397:1995 + A1:2000

Size: One size only
Code: NS3200210 Color: Yellow
Code: NS3200240 Color: Blue
Code: NS3200220 Color: White
Code: NS3200230 Color: Red
Code: NS3200250 Color: Green
Code: NS3200260 Color: Orange
Code: NS3200270 Color: Grey

Packaging unit: 1 unit
Presentation: foldable label

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