Industrial Nara, nitrilo 18″

Nara Safe Proteccion Manual




100% nitrile, thickness 22 mil, extra-length 18 inches with open cuff and straight for higher protection, anti-slippery, diamond palm and fingers. Resistant to solvents, grease, oils, alcohol, detergents. Waterproof and flexible, do not expose to sunlight. Rinse and dry after use. Great for handling chemical products, pharmaceuticals, petrochemical industry, refineries, food processing, paint and varnish manufacturing, machinery operations, graphic arts, among others.

Color: Green

Size: 8 adult
Code: NS2920111

Size: 9 adult
Code: NS2920112

Size: 10 adult
Code: NS2920113

Packaging unit: 12 units
Presentation: label per pair

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