NARA Industrial, caliber 35

Nara Safe Proteccion Manual




Manufactured in 100% natural latex reinforced in the palm of the hand and fingers, with special carving that avoids objects to slip. Resistant to aging and to diluted acid solvents and bleachers: 900% elongation before breaking. Protects hand skin in cleaning works with diluted detergent solvents and low temperature water and other liquids. Do not expose to sunlight. Rinse and dry after use. Great for hardware, floriculture, construction, farming, poultry, dairy, fishing industries, among others.

Color: Black

Size: 7 adult
Code: NS2800109

Size: 7.5 adult
Code: NS2800110

Size: 8 adult
Code: NS2800111

Size: 8.5 adult
Code: NS2800112

Size: 9 adult
Code: NS2800113

Size: 10 adult
Code: NS2800115

Packaging unit: 12 units
Presentation: label per pair

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