NARASPORT without anti-fog

Visual Protection




Safety google made 100% polycarbonate, sport model, flexible PVC sideburns, no antifog, i.e., no anti-dampening treatment. Resistant to shocks, 99.9% UV filter. Modern, light, comfortable, versatile, aesthetic and casing design. Complies with high impact ANSI standards.

ANSI Z87.1-2003 / CE EN 166

Code: NS2101312 – clear lens Color: unicolor
Code: NS2101412 – dark lens Color: unicolor
Code: NS2101413 – mirror lens Color: unicolor
Code: NS2101414 – amber lens Color: unicolor
Code: NS2102321 – indoor / outdoor lens Color: unicolor

Packaging unit: 12 units
Presentación: individual pouch

Outdoor/Indoor (O/I) Treatment: slightly metalized film that softens sunlight, with an appropriate rendering of artificial light.
Amber color lens great for activities where precision, sharpness, and contrast is required to block high intensity blue lighting.

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