Retractable lifelines

Fall Protection




Small and retractable lifeline 49 ft and 20 ft, made in polyester rope, side with one (1) small snap hook and one (1) rotating high security steel hook, high tech resistant thermoplastic case for the retractable system. Retractable system designed to stop vertical falls in the event the operator falls. Allows the forward displacement and movement of a worker, and to retract when the movement is backward. Designed to face risks in complicated and hazardous working environments; great for construction, refineries, mining, concrete applications, and warehouse activities.

ANSI Z359.1 (2007) / ANSI Z359. 13-2009 / According 1926/1910

Code: NS9200010 – 49 ft (15 m)
Código: NS9200011 – 20 ft (6 m)
Color: Blue
Packaging unit: 1 unit
Presentation: Bag

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