Rhino PU / Polar PU




Safety high boots, approximate height 38 cm, manufactured in 100% polyurethane, light, thermoisolating, long-lasting. Kevlar sole. 40% less weight than rubber or PVC boots. Appropriate for humid or cold environments (up to -30ºC). Great stability even in slippery ground. Great for activities such as fish and meat processing, husbandry, refrigeration, refrigerating chambers, slaughterhouses, treatment plants, breweries, beverages factories, fruit and vegetables sowing, among others. Resistant to chemical products, grease, and oils.

CE EN ISO 20345:2004

Color: Black
Size: 36 adult Code: NS8100810
Size: 37 adult Code: NS8100811
Size: 38 adult Code: NS8100812
Size: 39 adult Code: NS8100813
Size: 40 adult Code: NS8100814
Size: 41 adult Code: NS8100815
Size: 42 adult Code: NS8100816
Size: 43 adult Code: NS8100817
Size: 44 adult Code: NS8100818

Color: White
Size: 36 adult Code: NS8100910
Size: 37 adult Code: NS8100911
Size: 38 adult Code: NS8100912
Size: 39 adult Code: NS8100913
Size: 40 adult Code: NS8100914
Size: 41 adult Code: NS8100915
Size: 42 adult Code: NS8100916
Size: 43 adult Code: NS8100917
Size: 44 adult Code: NS8100918

Packaging unit: 1 pair
Presentation: box per pair

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