Boots for welder, approximately 27 cm. high, manufactured with fat leather, toe cap in composite (mixture of plastic products, mostly polycarbonate), flexible, light and strong. Leather strips for more comfort. Resistant to hydrocarbons, solvents, acids, mineral oils, animal fat, detergent, caustic soda, and other substances used in industrial processes. Great for heavy works, welding, handling of hot objects, and overall, for all types of applications requiring protection from the heat, flames, sparks, electric energy insulation, which allow the user to work in situations of discharge risks.

CE EN ISO 20345:2004

Color: Brown
Size: 36 adult Code: NS8101010
Size: 37 adult Code: NS8101011
Size: 38 adult Code: NS8101012
Size: 39 adult Code: NS8101013
Size: 40 adult Code: NS8101014
Size: 41 adult Code: NS8101015
Size: 42 adult Code: NS8101016
Size: 43 adult Code: NS8101017
Size: 44 adult Code: NS8101018

Packaging unit: 10 pairs
Presentation: box per pair

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