Body Protection



Body protection is about the proper and necessary clothing that a worker, user, or operator must use in the various working areas where they are exposed to risks that may reduce their work ability and their personal safety.

Body Protection


Protection against low action chemicals, oil refining, drilling, industrial and agro industrial maintenance, food industry, rain and light works, with full body protection.

Body Protection


Lumbar protection helps prevent muscle injuries, hernias, discomfort in the spine and back among others, caused by inappropriate movements, bad postures and wrong positions when seating, as well as excessive lifting of weights. Use of this type of products reduces the effort made in different activities and generates and reinforces the habit of applying safe and right techniques for weight lifting and other efforts, as well as sitting correctly, etc.

Body Protection


High visibility protection, products such as vests for use in work roads, urban roads, highways, civil protection, urban and suburban cleaning services, parks and recreation conservation staff, emergencies, vehicles, etc. Refractive tapes for textiles and other high visibility self-adhesives for various uses.


Reflective tapes for work clothes such as pants, overalls, shirts, among others, made with different materials and in many sizes. Set of reflective tapes, self-adhesive bicolor slides for tracing trucks, as well as tracing tapes ideal for marking circulation in warehouses, hospitals, factories; to mark restricted areas and/or danger zones, and safety equipment (extinguishers), marking gyms and sports courts inside and many other applications.


Fluorescent Vests with reflective tapes. Fluorescent colors allow for better daylight visualization, while reflective tape allows a better nightly visualization. For operators working in highways, tolls, traffic lights, among others. Operators where high visibility of the vests allow for higher safety.

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