Nara Safe Protección Auditiva



Noise is a phenomena present in most of our activities. Hearing protection is equipment used to reduce the level of sound and the effects of noise for the prevention of hearing damages. These are used when technical measures for the reduction of noise are not enough and it is necessary that the workers exposed to noise use hearing protection for each case.

Hearing Protection


Hearing protection cup type for the safeguard of the ears in work sites with sounds from machines and tools extremely noisy. The earmuffs are made up with a metalic or plastic head harness that holds two caps made in light plastic. This gadget hermetically, fully locks the outer ear adjusting to the head with a plastic foam or liquid filled pad.

Hearing Protection


Insertion protectors are those that go inside or covering the hearing channels, to block the entrance of noise, these can be disposable (one use only) or reusable (used more than once). This type of protection hearing is used in work sites where there is noise caused by machinery, depending on the case.

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