Industrial footwear specialized in the protection of the worker from feet injuries (fingers, sole, ankles, etc.), produced by: chemical products splatter, burns, electrical and mechanic risks, explosions, crushing, entrapment and stings, as well as water, humidity, heat, among others. Depending to the type of work to be performed, an appropriate footwear should be chosen for each task.

Industrial Footwear


Boots fabricated with different materials and elements (waterproof, anti-slippery and resistant) for the safety in industrial and commercial areas according to the activity or task to be performed; among such: chemical industry, petrochemical, food processing, service stations, construction, basic cleaning, etc. This footwear, mostly high top, covers from the foot, ankle, and up to the knee, avoiding injurie for free fall of heavy objects or materials, chemical products splatter, burns, stings, electrical risks and explosions, etc.

Industrial Footwear


Safety footwear made with different materials for feet protection from mechanic risks, avoiding sprains and blows caused by the free fall of heavy objects, mishaps, crushing, stings, perforations, among others that may be caused during the work in activities like: construction, electricity, storage, general assembly, among others, etc. It allows the operator to work long hours comfortably and safe.

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